• Ownership: All the artwork uploaded by you is your property, and you are it’s owner. Respect the ownership of other artists as well.
  • Crediting people: If you have copied from a painting, photograph or some other source, always credit the original artist in your description of the work.
  • Tagging: Always tag your art-work to indicate the medium, location and art material that you have used. This makes finding specific artworks easy.
  • Be friendly: Great communities are those where people encourage one another. Leave encouraging comments for other artists. Be gracious to those who comment on your work.
  • Don’t spam: We don’t tolerate spammers. Who can? Please post content that is relevant to the visual-arts. If the moderators feel that the content is spam, both the content and the poster will be banned from the community.
  • Photographs: All content that are purely photographs should be posted in the Photography Group here. This will keep the main gallery free for drawings, paintings and such like. All rogue photos floating around will be deleted by our bull dog of an admin!

That's it, go on and start posting!