Nouvel carre sepia pastel sticks on newsprint

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  • Oh look you drew on a large board! A2 size? Have you tried doing large gestures, the full length or width of the sheet depending on the pose? Gives movement from the shoulder and it's perfect to loosen up - like the stretches before a workout.

    I tend to enjoy drawing on the board, though switching to smaller gestures takes some time, and I want to sit somedays while drawing :P

    • Yes Smitha this was on a bigger sheet. It's more freeing and yes, easier to work from the shoulder. I haven't done full size poses yet, I usually end up doing 4-5 per sheet, but I like working with the incline the big board offers. In the sketchbook I end up working from the elbow and for some reason focusing so much more on the smaller details. In a larger sheet I find it easier to get the big shapes and lines in.

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