This is a portrait in progress. I work by building up the piece with several layers. Right now, I'm getting ready to complete the hair.

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  • Thank you very much Sir. I will ask at Bhaskar Arts regarding this paper.
  • Hi Mahesh, I've used a "Strathmore 400 series Bristol Sheet" for this drawing.

  • Hi Sir. May I know which paper material you used for these pencil portraits?
  • You are wellcome. The way you draw looks that you are professional. I too need some tips from you, as I am hobby artist.
  • Thank you Mahesh! You are absolutely right about observation as you can draw only what you see and how you see it. Everybody sees differently and therefore what they achieve will be slightly different even if they are drawing the same thing. Observation is of paramount importance. I have just finished the smiling lips and the gums of the little girl and now it looks much better, thanks for your compliment!

  • Hi great observation while drawing. The reality you have given to the portrait is simply superb. Great job
    Also the tooth muscle detailing is good (really good observer).
  • Thank you Prabha, I'm so glad to hear that! I'll try to finish it soon then. :)

  •  Wow !! The fingers on the boy's shoulder are so ''wow''............. And waiting to see the completed one to say a BIG WOW !!!! :) ( Seeing your art work gives one so much joy .)

  • Thank you Muralidharan!
  • Tough to take away eyes from this pencil painting! Wow expression!

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