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36x36 acrylic

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  • It might be worth Googling, Prosenjit. Where I live (Canada) all three levels of government dole out small amounts of money to 'fund the arts.'   I support government funding of the arts, but the existing system creates problems.   Because there are so many artists and so little funding, the ambition and focus of some artists moves away from their art and towards getting government funding.  They think government funding 'proves' an artist is a 'professional', a 'success.'  And, of course, art that is critical of the government, or the established social order, doesn't get funded.  This skews the cultural and social discourse that art can encourage.  It also fuels jealously, anger, and resentment withing the creative community; artists criticize who got funded, rather the what the artwork means.   Artists become dependent on the funding system; the government 'throws them a bone'.   The artist --and the art-- is 'tamed', 'collared'.   

  • Nicholas, if there is such a thing as art funding in India (and I'm sure there is), its probably better known to people within academic art circles - and not to isolated, 'home-grown' artists like me :) I'd definitely want to be funded too, and have projects in mind to make it useful... but I have no idea where to look for. Maybe I should google :P

  • Thank you, Prosenjit!  I gather from your clever comment that arts funding is an issue in India too?

  • Haha.. now that's such a big bone of contention! :P Love the details in all that apparent brushiness... and that green is making all the difference against her tangy hair.

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