at the edge...

i conducted a workshop on fantasy landscape or creating landscapes from memory organized by and at PencilJam studio, Bangalore in last November. in this workshop, i emphasized how we can work from very quick thumbnail sketches to build ideas for final paintings through various steps considering composition . this painting is based on one of the many thumbnail sketches i did during the workshop.

medium: watercolor on 270 gsm handmade watercolor paper

size: 9" W x 13" H

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  • thanks again, Sundaram. it's good to try and explore new ways :)!

    thank you very much, Balaji sir!

  • This is beautiful!

  • Am going to try this !!!! when we reproduce.. from life or from print.. mind gets stuck... this is a good idea.. to help get creative...

  • thank you very much, Prosenjit, Prabha ji and Merene :)!! i really appreciate your encouraging words!!

    @ Merene: u noticed it again :)!!

  • Again look at the signature... :)

  • Loved it..loved it..loved it...

  • Dhruba, I fully agree with Prosenjit :) There is a mysterious effect!

  • Fantasy is often the best place to work from. The palette, atmospherics, perspective, mood... this is beyond wonderful! The house has a magnetic pull... you think of stepping into this picture and wonder, if you'll ever return :)

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