Between two worlds

Between two worlds

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  • thank you for appreciating my work This work Between two worlds(24*36) is done for a client from Bangalore I asked her to tel her likes and dislikes. She likes playing bazz guitar she also gave me informations on her personel life such as her husband is a sailor and they both love a novel called Discworld by Terry prachet. In that novel turtle carries a disc where the world exist. Based on these information I have created this surreal artwork. Thank you so much for observing all the detailing
  • As Prosenjith mentioned ,subject is very interesting and the work too!

  • Like some ancient Sanskrit shloka, or a modern day compression algorithm, so many thoughts have been compressed/codified in that single picture - will probably take hours (for a viewer, and according to his/her own way of thinking) to unravel even some of those, and even then they wouldn't be close to what your original thoughts were. I like the skills that have gone into it, especially the pattern on the submerged part of the icebergs(?), and the earth-like disc on which the sailor(?) is standing, and the huge turtle. I wonder if music is lowering the girl towards him, or she's being carried away.

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