bush willow winter

20x20 acrylic

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  • Thank you, Kevin.

  • nice drawing

  • 1) I'll look through my files and see what WIP pix I've got.

    2) Unfortunately, I have no WIP pix for any of my three hour pieces as I was painting nonstop!  :-)  I can explain what I did.  I'll post that explanation with the three hour painting, to avoid confusion.

  • Thank you Nicholas.

    1) I'd love to see a WIP of this one if you have it, or anything where you have worked on foliage like this? 

    2) A wip of your 3 hour gestures like this one, will be of great help too :)

  • Thank you, Smitha.  For some of the paintings, I do have pictures of the work in progress.  Is there a particular picture you'd like to see the process for? 

  • Wow! Lovely works Nicholas :) 

    Do you by any chance capture your work in progress ? It will be great to see and learn from your approach, do upload if you have any. Thank you!

  • Thank you, George.  Yes, I've been very busy with commercial work for most of the past year.   I finally got back to painting for myself in the late summer/fall and now winter. 

  • That's some great stuff. It's been a while Nicholas.

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