Chhatra pakhi hunting

24 x 18 inches, acrylic on canvas. A little predator, terror of the local bees. I shot the ref photo in a close relative's garden. The painting was a gift for that person.

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  • Thank you Vandana! Yes, Prasad is the expert on birds - you should see his wonderful bird drawings!
  • Dinesh, that is SO wonderfully kind of you - touched and honored. Thank you! I'd love to be here more often (my loss entirely that I'm not able to) but life has its many strings to pull, unfortunately.
  • Oh wow! Loved this ❤️ so at my parent's home they used to come in groups the mornings and then in the afternoons. And I got to know the name from Prasad.
  • SO lovely to see our dear PROsenjit's beautiful work after a long break! 😍 One of many fantastic reasons to get back to PJ's website discussions again 😁🙏🏼
  • beautiful portrait of the Jungle babbler(Turdoides striata)!
    • Oh I did not know that. Thanks so much Prasad. The local name is Chhatra (pronounced with a soft 't'). True to their name, they do seem to babble a lot, amongst themselves mostly.
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