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Today's News.. put to some use.. :)

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  • Thank you Prabha!!

  • Lovely ! The vase has come out beautifully :)

  • Thanks Abhilash.. :)

  • Perfect colour tones....wow

  • Thanks Prosenjit... yes definitely.. one learning is to ignore the mind and to draw and paint what you see.... but it will take more practice I guess.. with all these years of listening to the mind.. :)

    Thanks for looking and sharing your comments..

  • Another cute little study, Amit - you must've learned a lot from this! I like those 'barely there' news columns :)

  • Thank you Anil, Balaji, Nishad and GS.. wanted to study edge and color relationships while keeping it simple..

  • Very interesting - as an idea and visually! 

  • Lovely!

  • Very NIcely done...

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