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Recently a friend (looking at my works from 8yrs ago) commented - "You had what it took to be a good illustrator, ( The golden age of illustrators) which you lack now - Patience".

Here are my first step towards re-developing it:)

Medium :Daler Rowley. A slightly different approach with Acrylics. A new found love.

Time : 2-3 hrs

Done En Plien air with ceiling lamp light at night.

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  • Thank you Rijesh, iI see it now.. the other elements could have used some texture and lesser control (which I do) the visible strokes makes a huge difference.

  • the rendering of the box- the texture and the handle is really nice!

  • Thank you all.. the yellow is a bit saturated..(daylight photo again):P

    Akbar - Very true- my sense of colour is all over! :)

  • your core strength in  drawing .......    pencil....and sketch ......sorry for colours

  • super work ! love the yellow. great idea

  • Lovely !

  • Love this! Looking forward to the further steps!

  • Superb. Love the yellow all around!

    Best wishes..

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