logs in the winter sun

35 cm x 28 cm, conte and watercolor sketch. Painted this afternoon with my back to the winter sun.

Thank you for looking!

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  • Hey George, nothing we can do re: erratic response from the site.  Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Prabha, you're so observant as usual :) Thank you


  • i like the conte strokes on the tree trunk! and the dashes of bright brown. watercolour+conte's  great!
  • Yeah Prosenjit. The site is acting a bit buggy today. Probably backend maintenance at work.
  • Oops, sorry if multiple copies of the same comment were posted via email - was trying to edit something and wasn't being able to ( turns up palms...)
  • Hi Anil and Nisha, thanks so much for stopping by. I haven't tried this combo before - conte with watercolor, I think I'll do a few more. Its good for quick(ish) outdoor sketching methinks.

    The watercolor could be used as a base too, although here I've used it on top. I guess both approach is valid - under and over, as long as one allows the underlayer to dry before applying conte. The water will not sit well on pure conte (as it is a powdery, even semi-waxy layer) and tend to spread away leaving attractive crenated (scalloped) edges. Where the conte strokes allow the paper to breathe through, the water color will tint those areas.

    Here's the watercolor brand I've used: http://penciljam.ning.com/photo/coloring-stuff?context=user
  • Lovely! Very delicate. Loved it.
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