Mystic look

Actress Bhavna.

Staedtler color Pencils on paper.

Thanks Parani for the pic reference.

Experimented hightlight fine lines learnt from Soman Patnaik.

Bhavna fever caught me after Prani, Prosenjit and Kamal ;-)

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  • Looks exactly like her.

  • Beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful.........

  • Thanks Prosenjit.
  • Amazing!
  • Thanks Manu, Kiran, Prabha and Rimmel!
  • good one!
  • Thanks for the tip Murali
  • The face came very well!
  • What a wonderful work!
  • Thanks Anil.

    Thanks Prani.

    Arun, I have used a ball pen without ink to mark the lines/ impression on the paper. Then applied pencil on it. The graphite does not apply on the impression and leave it white! When we r small we used to keep the coins behind paper and scratch it to get the shape, right. This is something similar! Learnt this trick from Soman. Yet to master it!

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