Mystic look

Actress Bhavna.

Staedtler color Pencils on paper.

Thanks Parani for the pic reference.

Experimented hightlight fine lines learnt from Soman Patnaik.

Bhavna fever caught me after Prani, Prosenjit and Kamal ;-)

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  • Nice. And how did you get those white lines on the hair?
  • lovely lively... Murali... superb work....! color of eyes... rendition of lips nice... But above all, u hav captured the nose exactly...!
  • Lovely work Murali. I am sure this lady would be flattered that she has "launched a thousand sketches" if only she knew it! :-)


  • Soman, Thank you very much for your detailed comments. Appreciate it very much. I am longing to get such critiques. Yes. I should use a thinner one to make those fine lines and should be more careful. Thanks.

    And I had patience only for the face details. Did it when every one was sleeping. Hurried to complete the rest when my little ones came around and started their hands on my forbidden pencils :-)

    Soman, Please feel to do more and more critiques. Thanks.

  • Wow! The drawing is wonderful...lovely indeed! The colour shadings are absolutely perfect!
    Ha..ha...Thank you so kind of you to mention my name...
    The highlights seem to be quite striking and come keeping them a little subtle would work better. Also, the strokes should fall in tandem with the flow of the hair, amply supported by strokes by the coloured pencil too...the eye-lash and the curl at the bottom are well done and support the drawing...Althiough, a little care with the ones in front of the cheek and in the back of the head would have made the drawing so much more better...
    Pardon me Murali for being critical...but I guess...I thought it will help you...
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