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Done with Reynolds Fine 045 Carbure.on canson paper.

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  • all an artist needs a paper and a pen... you proved it... :) marvellous.. work..



  • Thanks Puja and Kevin

  • Thanks Soman Sir....Its really  great to hear from you!!!!




  • Hi Smitha ...Apologies for late replying.....Yes I am try different techniques in Ball pen itself ..trying to be as loose as possible and also trying to do  minumum amount of shading possible...There is a lot to explore in every medium I am also trying different papers having  with some mid tone ....will be uploading them soon...I will definitely do a WIP of my works and will surely upload them ...soon ...

  • Thanks Dhruba da ...

    Thanks Ganapathy for the warm words

  • Truly awesome :) 

  • Ahaaaa!!! One more solid stuff from one of my favourite PJ artists... Enjoying it to the fullest!!!
    Yours truly...

    Your ardent fan!

  • Its great to see the recent set of your works.. where you are exploring shading techniques, mediums and the approach is so different.

    But I must say -  the way you have trained your eye to draw out the tone, light , shade and direction which you easily do with graphite shows amazingly in these works! Not in anyways am i saying the graphite under represents them. You understanding of drawing is amazing !  

    Do you think I can borrow your eye for a day ? :P Please do a WIP Amit - a graphite one and a pen one if you have the time. Will be greatly useful for me and many others like me :)

    Thank you.

  • very nice!

  • Excellent work!

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