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Need 25 pages more to print a Book

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  • simple lines makes it cool to see

  • beautiful!!

  • Thank you Prasadji, and Manu ji.

    Dear Ganapathy sir, the Idea is for  make a book with 100 sheets of my compositions contains  with illustrations, cartoons, sketches, doodles, Ideas and a lot, note this point to they are not copy and paste process,  I draw every drawing in the  same sheet, f or an idea here I am pasting a link of some other pages . 

    గనగనగనగా అర ఠావులుండేవి దాన్ని మూడు మడతలెడితే ఎనిమిది ముక్కలయ్యేది, చాకలి పద్దులు రాసుకునే వారు చాకలి పద్దులే రాసుకునే...

    Posted by Anwar The Artist on Friday, February 17, 2012
  • fine works!

  • Great!

  • Anwar, Great sketches as always... What is the theme of the book? General collection of sketches?

  • Me too Muralidharan ji, I am hardly trying to come this out as soon as possible.

  • Admiring your creativity Anwar! 

    I want to buy your book. Waiting... 

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