Pastoral Shrine

A4, Watercolour on 250 GSM watercolour pad.

Reference image from a friend.

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  • Prosenjitda! If you are looking for your tongue, I know where it is! Firmly in the cheek! Look no further!

    You are the one that "goaded" me to use "propah" paper. So, I can see that you are so glad! 

    Jokes apart, may thanks for the capitalised, bold "is" in your comment!


  • Soothing IS the word! And I love that its on 250 gsm watercolor paper :P

  • Thanks Nandita. Others who have often travelled the Mys-Bang road commented similarly. They are indeed shrines. Local gods.

  • Very nice, I see that you are back to posting and watercolors.  Looks like the structures you see in the fields off the Bangalore -  Mysore highway  I always wondered if they were temples..

  • I am so glad that you like it so much Raj! Thanks

  • what a soothing unique touch! just pristine! :-) super!

This reply was deleted.