Plein Air 23Mar14 @ RMZ Infinity-1

Plein Air 23Mar14 @ RMZ Infinity-1

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  • Thank you GS, Mohan, Balaji..

  • Prosenjit,

    The pen and ink one was a quick study at Srirangapatnam. It was too hot and the shade under which we were sitting was giving way to harsh sun light at an alarming rate. So I just quickly put down that, so that even if I didnt complete the painting, I had my reference. As a matter of fact I did not complete the painting on location.

    The cafe umbrella just happened to happen. It seemed to work just like that and I did not add anything further except the green drops, just to have a little more green on the right side. 

    And I had this tinted sheet for a long time with me. I actually enjoy doing things on tinted paper with a little opaque white. But I need to have a subject for that. That day luckily I managed to spot this beauty. The other half of this tinted sheet was used long time back for this btw.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

  • Thank you Bharadwaj..

  • Beautiful! The background and the colours of the wall and foliage work very well together. The light striking the dome, walls and balustrade is captured very nicely.

  • Brilliant work Prabal... 

  • This is superb!

  • Aha, the master has struck after a long hiatus - and with what variety! This, this and this one, all seem like experimental works (while this is more like a traditional Prabal Mallick). As regards the one above, I don't recollect seeing a watercolor on tinted paper using such extensive use of opaque white from you - I don't know what to make of this bold turn, but I think I like what I'm seeing :) This has been a most enjoyable experience, thank you for posting!

  • Superb!!!

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