Portraiture of ngma, Bengaluru.

This watercolor was painted on location on 18th of Feb, 2015 on occasion of NGMA, Bengaluru's 6th year birthday celebration. Glad to let you know that, this painting "Portrait of NGMA, Bengaluru", also got selected as "One of the Top 10 portraits" of this Heritage Building, painted that day.

Also congratulations to 3 of my students whose artworks also made it into the "TOP 10 best portraits". Bravo!! There were hundreds of artists that day to paint on this special occasion!

Title: Portrait of NGMA, Bengaluru.

Medium: watercolor on paper.

Size: quarter imperial.

Status: at NGMA, Bengaluru.



© Dhruba Mazumder, 2015. All rights reserved.

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  • Sometime, I would just to like the fair comments ... cause they are accurate and the piece of art much desserves it dan !Thank you to exist Penciljammers !
  • Thanks a lot George! I think this is during those rare days of the year when you can see this structure till the top nicely under sunlight because of the trees shading leaves.

  • Superb Dhruba. Love how the building is shimmering in the sunlight.

This reply was deleted.