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  • great work!!

  • thanks @ishita :)
    the highligts on nose are with chalk...those in eyes are with glassmarking :)

  • This is so lovely. Are those glints in the eyes and on the nose stud from the glassmarking pencil?

  • @muralidharan alagar ....thanks :)

    this is not charcoal....its done with graphite pencil (cretacolor)

  • What a beautiful charcoal work!

    Glass marking pencils have also added magic. Waiting to see the oil painting!

  • @prosenjit da....u r right... this sketch is after a really long gap :) ...this is my first , "post final mb xam sketches"

    actually i was experimenting with glassmarking pencils...which i bought during the xams :) .... it somehow blended with the graphite to give that bluish tint ....

    btw...this is a study, for a oil painting ,...a (surprise)gift to my sister...for cracking neet-ug :) this year :) ...she's n malda medical clg :) :) :)

  • This is good, of course... but I have a sneaky suspicion (on a closer examination) that maybe your studies are somewhat distracting you from your art a.t.m :D - which is perfectly understandable.

    Secondly, and this has got nothing to do with your skills... one of the pitfalls of digital photography is white balance, and it often fails to harmonize competing areas of white. Like, in here, the white from the glass marking pencil (I think...) is standing out with a bluish tint against the warmer paper-white/gray. I'm sure that 'blue' is hardly, if at all discernible in real life. I think its preferable to use a grayscale image in such instances, instead of a colored one... just a thought.

  • @sandeep karmakar..... thanks :)

  • beauty

  • thanks :)

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