Red Vented Bulbul

Tip:I use a cloth to rub off regularly, the residue that forms on the tip of the nib of the ballpen.
This helps in keeping the pen strokes fresh and sharp! Let me know if you try this and it is helpful.

Humble Ballpen, it is great tool to work which not hard on the pocket of artist.Just that one has to put in the time to work out the pros and cons with this medium. It is easy to achieve depth with this medium when compared to other mediums.

I work in layers with this medium just like watercolors, from light to dark.
Title:Penance 27
Species:Red-vented Bulbul(Pycnonotus cafer)
Medium:Pen on Paper
Size: Aowen Spiral Sketchbook 11x14 inches
Duration:40 Hours
Location:Hoskote Lake,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
June 9th 2020
Reference: Own Image

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  • Beautiful sketch. Amazed to know that you did with ballpen so beautifully

    • thank you Ravi, it is always great felling to acheive good results with limited resources. 

  • Beautiful!
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