This is now in the penultimate stage. For all who came on the 19th, you can see a little more development in the tee-shirt and the catch light on the hair. There is some more refinement all around and then I'll let go. Hope you all enjoyed the conversation!

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  • Thank you very much Manu, Prasad, Soman and Charu!

  • this is so beautiful and seems as if she is gonna speak after sometime.......though it is still in progress

  • Waiting for it to be finally done... and then just sit down for a couple of hours and marvel at the magic... splendid and life-like as usual!!! 

  • Super work, hats off. :)

  • Very impressive. Waiting for the final version...

  • Thank you Kiran Kumari!
  • What a lovely face! great work sir!

  • Yes, Prosenjit, I'm looking forward to finishing this as well :) Glad you had a nice evening on the 19th, Prabha. The backlit hair continues over to the other side as well, so there will be a bit more of it & I've changed a few values on the eyes, so maybe that's why she looks "alive". Thanks Paranirajan for visiting the page!

  • WOW WOW... tnx for sharing!

  • Oh that's just great..thanks so much for the elaboration Jay... those broken outlines at the girl's head had flummoxed me! Looking forward to the finished version on this one...

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