Done under warm light.. 10" x 12", oil on canvas

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  • Excellent work... Inspiring... I need to travel a long way
  • Thank you Prasad.. :)
  • beautiful work!

  • Prosenjit - just googled for Frans Hals and discovered another master ... with huge wealth of portrait works available for study.. ¬†Thank you.. :)

  • Thanks Prosenjit for having a good look.. yeah, the model in the mirror is the only one you can work with at times.. doesn't need any breaks even...

    Haven't studied Frans Hals, but will surely do now.. thanks for letting me know.. :)

  • Haha, who else but the most patient, least demanding and cheapest model of all, who also lives in the mirror :D I love the bony forms on the forehead and the blue-gray 'hair' shadows (also on the chin). I'm sure you've studied Frans Hals? He has one of the surest touches in my humble opinion and his drawing is so strong, one can HUGELY benefit by simply studying his oils in pencil/chalk.

  • Thank you Balaji and Aditi.. :)

  • Terrific!

  • Wonderful!
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