Self portrait_Prasad Natarajan

Have been trying to work from live subjects since few months however wildlife subject hardly stays still. So mostly I end up working from photographs. On 29th August 2020 lost all my flowering plants to road widening, hibiscus, star jasmine, coriander and many more, now only the Neem tree remains. I had to cut them down myself, the pain still lingers like the fragrance of the lost jasmine. Tried my self-portrait sketch for the first time, watching myself through a mirror, great learning experience, forms light and emotions. Many artists have done their self portraits very early in their careers. Me being a late bloomer, trying to catch up!
Hope to do more self portraits in the future. So how many of you have tried your self-portraits, if yes, would be great to see them. If no, why not?
Self-portrait study_1 (Prasad Natarajan)
Medium: Pencil on toned Paper
Size: 8.3x11.7 inches(297x210 cms) size;80 GSM
Duration: 30 minutes
August 29th 2020
Reference: Live
Location: Mango Grove Art Studio, Bangalore, Karnataka

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  • Prasad, so sorry to hear about your loss. But, it's said that ultimately nature has a way of reclaiming its loss. So, even if not in your garden, a jasmine will definitely bloom somewhere else.
    About self portrait - well done! Its a great start. Who else but the self is the best model. You may try using multiple mirrors to draw from different angles.
    • thank you so much dada, i am planing to plant few plants in my terrace, hopefully bring back the lost glory. That is a great idea, will try out multiple mirrors soon.
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