Sir M! :)

13" x 11" acrylic on cartridge. Ref image by kind courtesy of another Sir M - Muralidharan Alagar. Thanks guys for this great honor!

Please view at FULL size and thank you for looking!

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  • beautiful work...

  • Lovely.. <3 <3
  • Thank you, generous folks... those who have returned, those who have looked, and those who have freshly commented (Poornima, Soman, Akhila, Kimberly, Kamal...). I'm indebted toyou.

    Anil, I'm glad you noticed the head at the background :) I was wondering if it would divert attention from the foreground, so decided to paint the barest minimum. I didn't know it was Smitha when I painted it, if I did perhaps I'd have gone for a double portrait :P

  • i think i want to this one in watercolor first
  • i think we need prosen to do this acrylic portraiture session once more ......
  • Been following this superb portrait, and fascinating discussion ( in the true sense of the word), and I have to wholeheartedly agree with Anil. Takes jamming to an all-new level! Thanks for sharing your experiential insights and art wisdom, ye precious jammers! =D
  • you guys...
  • "auto mechanic round the corner of the street"   "I am so terribly short of imagination" 

    I was wondering who Soman was talking about! :-) Murali, you have argued the case like a brilliant lawyer! 

    I will be the judge now. Case dismissed. Soman is hereby prohibited from  making any such statements in the future! 



  • I love this community very much! This is great. After reading the comments I did not know how to react. went out for fresh air. Now I like to say this...

    Anil, This is kind of infection. gentlemanliness - this is spread by you in our group :-) 

    Soman, you are too modest :-) We all know what this "auto mechanic round the corner of the street" can do and capable of. Who normally makes the viewer speech less and make them to run out of words for appreciation. 

    We can not accept your statement "I am so terribly short of imagination" for obvious reasons - sketch of farmer, Cloud-study, father and children at beach, content of 'life'.... list goes on and on ;-)

    Prosenjit has done a great favor to me. I had the problem of head proportion with respect to the whole body. I learned the relative head proportion with respect to whole body in figure drawing workshop. When I tried myself at the workshop, I got it wrong. Prosenjit came and told me the correct measurement. Then I tried and told him that my measurement is still correct. With lot of patience he told me the correct measurement again. Wow. I got it finally. This brings a significant impact to my drawing life. I appreciate Prosenjit very much for this.  

  • WOW! another PJ session on portraiture :) Thanks guys for the gyan! Learning...

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