Sir M! :)

13" x 11" acrylic on cartridge. Ref image by kind courtesy of another Sir M - Muralidharan Alagar. Thanks guys for this great honor!

Please view at FULL size and thank you for looking!

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  • Amazing.. :) !!
  • Thank you so much Jenerous Jammers :) - Kamal, Parani, Babu, Akhila, Soman, Anil, Prabha, George, Prasad aaand Sir Manoj himself! :P

    @ Soman -yes, I know what you mean re: no difference. although its my wish not to paint something that looks exactly like the photo. I've total respect and admiration for photorealists though. I try to depict the basic shapes, the color variations, and the subtleties of expression - hoping to imbue a sense of personality into the portrait. It was hard for me to believe how very strongly this particular portrait is influenced when there is even a fraction, yes fraction of a milimetric shift in the level of the eye-lid covering the iris - gives him a totally new look, perhaps even personality! But of course I totally appreciate what you said, thank you :)

    @ Anil sir - "The serious face barely moments away from breaking into a smile" you've painted his portrait with just that line!

    @ Prabha - you've nailed it Prabha! re: dark above left eye. In fact that was the last stroke I painted before taking a picture, and regretted it moment I saw it on screen. What it does is, IMHO, rather than affect the level pushes back that eye a little. I'll re-introduce a little bit of light in that area. On second thoughts.. just after typing the above, I had a look at the actual painting, and its not as dark as it appears on screen. I guess I'll let it sit for a while before doing anything. Good point, as usual.

    @ Babu, Parani, Akhila, Prasad and Kamal - so glad you would drop in and comment.

    @ George - so very kind of you to start that careers thread George. Great idea!

    @ Manoj - Sir M, thank you for liking it :) I'll surely send you print resolution versions of both sketch and painting. Will you kindly add me as friend or state your email please. I'm honored that you'd want it.

  • beautiful portrait!
  • Of course :-) i would love to buy it if that is an option.
  • That's Manoj alright. You've captured him so perfectly (His hair and eyes!!) Love it!

    Manya: How come you didn't offer to pay for it :) :)


  • Woah!! Absolutely loving it Prosenjit  :-) thank you, i would love to have one of the prints ( sketch or acrylic ) if that's okay with you :P
  • Wow! Superb stuff. Apart from making his portrait, you give him knighthood too! :)

    The serious face barely moments away from breaking into a smile - that is M and you have brought that out so well!


  • Superb!...I saw the photograph...and there is no difference between the two...too good!
  • Gr8...
  • Awesome!
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