The River Flows in You...

Watercolour on Arches 300 gsm watercolour paper

Size: Full Imperial

Its from recollection of Berijam lake in Kodaikanal. Visited it sometime back... although you may not exactly find such a place there... but you will find such a place in almost every lake or river that we humans have not encroached upon.

A view like this cleanses your heart and mind and recreates you as as a person standing much more closer and connected to everything around... everything natural and beautiful.... not to the i-pod and the laptop!

Lets enjoy the peace while it lasts, for , I know for certain - we have still not learnt anything from our past!!!

This is one of my favourite watercolour works... I was very happy with the outcome and the feel of being in the midst of serene forest and the clear misty air... with birds chirping and resting on branches...

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  • Thanks NiKHiL RAjGURU

  • excellent composition, masterful handling of negative spaces, and a great piece of work !

    Only expecting the croc to suddenly emerge from the still water and violently attack the viewer ( sorry just saw "lake placid"!!!!).

    Still waters run deep!

  • Thank you Murali!!!

  • Amazing work and becoming one with nature!!!

    Admire the use of blue for the mild background and the trees. Love the way reflection is done 

  • Thank you Balaji!

  • Terrific, pleasing colors and good rendition.

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