Three hour painting from life

14x18 acrylic

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  • By request, an explanation of my working process on this piece. 

    1) Chose a small canvas.  If the canvas is too large it's hard to get much done in three hours.

    2) Considered the composition- where to draw the image of the model on the canvas? 

    3) Drew her on the left, to create a pleasing 'L' shaped design.  Drew using a pointed brush with pthalo green.
    Some of this green drawing can still be seen peeking through the overpainting.  This green helps unify the piece.  I paid particular attention to the perspective of the chair, as that helped to 'anchor' the figure and create the illusion of volume.  The drawing took about 20 minutes.

    4) While the model took her first break, I mixed warm and cool flesh tones, and a cool greenish blue-grey for the background.  The green of the underdrawing, the chair, and the background compliment the colour of the figure.5) With a flat brush I painted the light, shadow, and mid-tones without worrying too much about blending.

    6) When the model took her breaks, I worked on the chair, cushions, the background.  No breaks for me! :-)

    If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer. 

  • I missed these :) I'm trying my hand at acrylics lately- your studies are on my list to observe before I approach mine. 

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