Veda Griham

This house in Mysore is named "Veda Griham" and was the home of an illustrious professor of Philosophy, of the University of Mysore, Prof. Yamunacharya.

A4, Line and Wash. 250 gsm watercolour paper

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  • good work....

  • Thanks, Balaji. Great to hear from you!

  • Lovely composition, and beautiful rendering!

  • I have been off this place very uncharacteristically! My loss! Thanks for all the lovely comments! 

  • v v nice wov

  • Looks magical and so homely! A typical Mysorean abode, I dare say...??

  • As pleasing as ever! had read about Prof. Yamunacharya in a novel by Bhyrappa... feels great to see his house!

  • beautiful vibrant work ! soft  elegant textures :)

  • Amazingly radiant and authentic, that pink on the wall. Great to visit PJ and be treated to this!

  • Lovely work Anil, true looks like it's from a book.

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