Winnie [ Ashwini Mohan ] Pencil Portrait

Size : A3

Tools : 6H HB 2B 8B 10B

Mechanical Pencil 0.5 and 0.35

Time :10 hr+

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  • awesome !!!!
  • Thanks Prabal :))
  • This is awesome.. Himanshu keep it up..
  • Now this is FUN !! I must say Soman sirji hw swt you are..." yeahh. LETS GO GREEN... ^_^
  • I was so tempted to write down my thoughts again...but then...did someone say "fighting, biting would have been fun", that tells me to stop right here...for, I don't quite feel like making somebody's day yet!...ha..ha

    Hey Arun, I know you are am I, so don't take me too seriously..:)

    BTW - No clue, what does 'wtf' mean...however, I understand if you do not bother writing the full-form here...there are many (both young and old) who would not appreciate don't bother using it in the short form too!

    Lets go green, lets make it a cleaner place to live in...I hope you agree on that note!!!


    Soman Patnaik

  • wtf, some fighting, biting would have been fun. You guys are boring!
  • informative ,healthy conversation...Thanks to all...!
  • @ashwini :: I copy paste yor words. ;) Its time to learn something ! nd ITS Pencil jammers who motivates me ! cheers to al jammers Specially who mak my sundays wonderful ! :))
  • well I respect yor  words ! Nd its not that i dnt want to become pro or something *jst bcoz i havnt been to any art school. I really appreciate yor input my friend nd I'm sure it ll help me a lot. I'm very glad. Hope u teach me some basics on sundays :P ;) Cyo
  • I'm glad to read such positive Critics ! Nd i'm very thankful to all of u for yor support nd inpiring words. Just got some ebooks to learn ANATOMY today ;) :D Nd same time trying to learn some brush techniques.

This reply was deleted.