Sketch Journaling


We believe sketching is as important as breathing, not purview only to the "Artists or Creatives". It is a skill that aids every single person, and in that we would like to help individuals from different walks of life to step into the world of sketching!


"Journal your observation - in your sketchbook. These may be ideas from observation, stories unravelling in front of you, a travellers journal, a naturalists journal and many more kinds of personal explorations in your sketchbook. Specified by your unique experience and observation."


Journaling your observations


Sketches can be of  a recipe for something you cooked, an old train on display from the 1800's you thought was a fascinating design, architectural sketches of the new or old world we are surrounded by, observations of people and their daily meanderings, ah! this can go on. You get the jest!

Observational drawing is the detective in you who observes anything you draw. The idea is to observe and not worry about a realistic drawing, observation is what you want to encourage and build within yourself over time.

Questioning overlapping structural layers, and bringing them out in your sketches with field notes is important. (Just like you would, if you were a researcher /journalist and an investigative one at that!) Each drawing is part of an observation that is unique to you, the notes can be personal feelings of the day, about the drawing itself, about the subject you drew, perhaps the materials you tried out.

These notes serve as building blocks for larger works- articles, artworks/illustrations, etc. Think of journaling while sketching serving the same purpose as thumbnail sketches, they help you think. At times they help you reflect on how you solved the problem last time around.